Anthony Started his career as a Medium at the age of 14, and has been seeing spirit since he was just 4 years old. He started doing home readings at a young age of 14, but had no formal training. At the age of 18, on the advice of a famous Medium, he was referred to Internationally known Spiritual Medium Rev. Janet Nohavec who created the Journey within Spiritualist Church in New Jersey. He was mentored under Rev. Janet Nohavec for 6 years, and also attended many workshops to hone his mediumistic skills that were taught by highly regarded International Mediums from the U.K such as Tony Stockwell, Mavis Pittilla, and others.

Anthony Started with Working on his Clairvoyance and telepathy to help with his private sitting skills, then moved on to working on his platform skills and the overriding goal was always to improve his Mediumship on an Evidential level.   He started out doing private readings expanded to groups and parties and private homes, and now regularly does large groups at area restaurants.

Anthony's gift are in the family on his mother’s side. A family friend who is a psychic/medium helped him get started in the early years. Mediumship is not just a job for Anthony it is a way of life, the messages he receives from spirit come to him all day as he meets people, not just when he is giving a reading. His Passion for his work comes from the positive and uplifting feelings he gets when his clients express their feelings of closure, and contentment once there given proof that their loved ones are near. A lot of times the messages they receive give them peace and help heal them so that they can move on with their lives.

Working as an Evidential-based Medium Anthony is able to to describe to his clients there deceased loved ones, by giving specific factual detailed information about them, that proves that he is in communication with their spirit. Even though Anthony is 30 years old he is an old soul that is wise beyond his years, he helps people to be able to empower themselves and to let them know that their loved ones are always there for them and that their own power comes from within. Anthony is a beacon of light that shines through and empowers all that have the opportunity to be with him.