"Death is a transition

from our schoolroom
to our true home"

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Being that I am generation Millennial, It has been hard for me to fit into the “Norm” of people in my age group. I have always found that people that are older than me were easier to relate to.  Having this gift of Mediumship has not been an easier journey for me.

When I started doing readings professionally at the age of 14, it was very natural for me. I was a junior in high school is when I started to fully develop my gift. Since then, I have been learning to trust spirit 100 percent. My readings are Evidential-based, which means when I connect to your friends and relatives in the spirit world, I bring through as much detail to prove their existence, facts, places, name, memories, and events that have actually happened between your loved ones and you. 


My Mediumship stands out because so many mediums have a habit of keeping the dead “dead”, and truly not bringing them alive by providing details that they are still around you. Wouldn’t you want to know what your family and friends have been seeing since they have passed? Wouldn’t you want to know in all the years that they have been gone, they have been seeing every mile stone that you have taken? That’s what I bring through with my readings, I am clear cut and tell people exactly what I see, hear, and feel from the spirit world. 

Your loved ones are around you every day watching you, guiding you and holding your hand.  Remember God is within every part of your being, use your God self to connect to the infinite possibilities life has to offer.

Maya Angelou said “While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obligated to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also Gods creation.”



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“In the 23 years I’ve been hosting “The Joyce Keller Show,” which is heard on both NY’s AM as well as many web radio stations, we’ve been privileged to have had many amazing, psychic guests on with us. However, Anthony Castagna stands apart, as not only the youngest, brightest, most talented of psychic mediums, but also one of the most gifted, charming and gracious. As if that was all not enough, he is very handsome. All in all, a really terrific fellow, and a very fine TV or radio show guest.”

-Joyce Keller

"Tony did a reading for me on a radio show. I asked him if my husband would get a job after looking for so long. What he told me was that he would get a job within 6-8 months, doing something completely different and we would move to a different location. He told me “trust me, it’s going to be good”! Everything Tony predicted, happened. He is truly gifted and an amazing person. I totally recommend him!"

-Vivian Galba, Coos Bay, Oregon

"When I came to Tony, I was not expecting to have such a powerful and successful reading from an eighteen year old psychic. His accuracy was absolutely incredible. Thankfully, he was able to contact my late husband, and gave me a reading I will never forget. It gave me so much reassurance to know that my husband is still around me, and is looking out for me and my family. Tony was also able to contact my father who had also passed away, which gave the closure that I was looking for. He did make some predictions and they did happen to come true in some way. I’m very happy that I was given the opportunity to meet with Tony!"


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